After updating Windows 10 printer not working

Hello, Everyone.

Yesterday when I was in the office and came back to hame, and When I came to my computer at night - I realized that Windows had run an upgraded
during the day I realized that my printer DCP-J315W was no longer working.
I tried to run, troubleshooting, and reinstall the printer but this did not seem to help.

Then I noticed that there were other updates which were waiting in the wings - so I thought it best to run these and then try the printer again
so the following updates were installed satisfactorily
Windows 10 version 2004
Quality Updates
2020-05 Cumulative Update for .NET framework 3.5 and 4.8 KB4552925
2020-06 Security Update for Adobe Flash Player KB 4561600

At Night I have spent a lot of time de-installing and re-installing the printer
I tried connecting it directly
it does the same thing - I try to print a test page - it says the test page has gone to the print queue - I can see it in the print queue - then it disappears
but nothing is printed
Any ideas - I am a trifle bereft

thank you.