Application Permission Issues on Windows 10

Hi Everyone,
One of my colleagues, he is facing an issue related to file access on his Windows 10 Home OS 64 bit.
He recently installed a software called Informatica on his system. This application triggers a service when it started.
But he is unable to get a response from the service even though it shows as “Running”. On checking the logs for this service, then he finds the following


2020-04-11 15:00:37,339 ERROR [Domain Monitor] [NODE_10017] Cannot write node metadata to the configuration file [C:\Informatica\9.6.1\isp\config\nodemeta.xml]. Verify that the file is accessible and there are no problems with the network or file path.
com.informatica.isp.corecommon.exceptions.ISPException: [FrameworkUtils_0021] Cannot find [WORKGROUP\LAPTOP-HH4DEO09$] while applying read-write permissions.

He is unable to understand why the service is not able to resolve the permissions.
He has granted full permissions to the folders and the file concerned. Please check the attachments for the same.
Kindly help troubleshoots this one.