Can't Enable Remote Desktop

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I bought a new computer for my personal use. and I upgraded windows 10 on my new pc.

and now I’m trying to enable remoter desktop but the remote desktop is not enable on my pc. I want to enable it. but the option is can’t grayed out and says “some settings are managed by your organization”.

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In Gp, I looked all the policy and double checked it but I can’t find anything related to remote desktop else about it and what is the cause of it but I don’t need to use really why?
because RDP is necessary for this user so I need to figure this out.

please help?

I think that this the only pc that has this type of issue because I have checked other PCs in the same network where have remote desktop enabled.

Thanks for your compliment.

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Hello @Becky

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Step-1 Check What is your windows version as Windows 10 home edition does not support Remote Desktop. which version are you using.
If your system support remote desktop then follow the steps given below.
Step-2 Login with administrator or user who is a member of administrators group.
Step-3 Check Remote Desktop option is enable in Windows firewall.