Create onsite backup for azure VM?


Now we have successfully migrated to cloud. I am a domain and a few production VM. I have configured Microsoft Azure backup server for all the VM and scheduled for daily backups. After migration to Microsoft Azure all of our on premises server becomes idle.

My question:

I am planning to have a additional backup for all of my VMs in on site server. I have 10TBs of disk left unused and have enough internet bandwidth for daily or at least weekly backups.

What will be the best option to have onsite backup Microsoft Azure VMs?

Hi @NaveenD,

I don’t think there is an azure built-in or third party application available for this scenario. Maybe you may try Windows Server Backup service to backup the VM and manually copy them to your desired on-premises storage using RoboCopy or any script. Like schedule a backup at 10.00 PM and schedule the copy script at 1.00 AM.

Not sure it may help you.

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Thanks @tjnihal, it’s a doable steps for me. Anyhow I give a trail run after creating the backup and RoboCopy script and let you know.

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