Display Connection Sharp

Would there be anyone who can familiar with this program that could help?

a few days back I upgraded to Windows 10, and now I can’t get the Host to Host function to work with the program. This software is used with the Sharp Aquos Touch Board displays.

Before I were able to create a Host session on the sharp and then connect it with another host session, let’s say like a laptop that’s already running the software in host.

After all the laptops were upgraded to Windows 10 from windows 8.1,
I can’t use the function properly. Laptops to laptops work fine but a laptop to the Aquos station fails.

Regular RDP function works perfectly fine but for some reason, Windows 10, on the laptops prevents the station from connecting using the software.

I’ve made sure that the firewall lets the app bypass and already I have some changes on RDP. but still, it’s not working… properly…

Errors that I receive.

Remote Desktop Connection.
our remote desktop connection failed because the remote computer cannot be authenticated our computer’s settings do not allow connection to this remote computer because it cannot be identified.

I thought it would be because of the IP using WiFi but I hard-wired and still received the same message.

I know this isn’t a huge program and it’s a shot in the dark for an answer but thanks.

Thanks a lot