Display issues. White Space at top of Apps. Clicking effects app behind

There are so many computers with me which have to face this type of issue. amusing they are all Lenovo. Few of them are desktop, some of them are laptops. but the common thing in both is all are multiscreen. but laptops have 2 external displays. both have windows 10 to use.
regularly from time to time. sometimes the app opened the screen but it doesn’t properly display. the top of the screen displays the white space like drawing issues
that were attended in the computer.
if you try to click on the app which is displaying the white space and not working properly the click will be registered on the app so if you try to close excel it doesn’t but instead of it, you need to close the outlook which is behind of you.
I think dual apps were faced the same issue. For example. Browsers, Excel, Word, etc. Almost it seems to be on only one screen.
nowadays Lenovo laptops facing these types of issues at V330 with 2GB ATI card and built-in Intel graphics adapter.
I have updated both drivers for various times. I have changed the screen resolutions and I scaled advanced but nothing seems to provide a permanent fix.