Google Chrome Not Working On New Dell Inspiron 13 7000

I have a client who purchased a new Dell Inspiron 13 7000 laptops past 5 Months ago.

And he has a problem.
he wants to use the Chrome browser but he can’t get it to work. Edge, Firefox, works fine but he has installed and uninstall Chrome several times even with a complete install file and it just won’t work. It opens fine but won’t even open

He wanted a different AntiVirus installed so he tried to uninstall the McAfee Security it came with but when he tried to uninstall it a popup says “Navigation to the webpage was canceled” and it’s just a blank page with "what you can try: Refresh the page.
It also says that windows aren’t activated and when he tries to activate it he just gets the Activation page and it’s blank.

He assumes they are related. he finally got the McAfee Firewall to disable and got the defender one working but not change.

Is there a program he can get that will get rid of McAfee?
What would cause the problem with Chrome and windows activation?