Graphics issue with Control Panel search bar and Action Center

Hi Guys,

I need some expert guidance for solving my problem and I tried with video tutorials but I can’t find it.
My Sister’s computer is acting weird. So she has two monitors hooked up to her ASUS GTX 2080 graphics card.
she didn’t have this issue before, but now it’s bothering.
So I decided to fix this trouble, but now I am seeing some notifications such as the virus scanner, and sometimes windows app installations the notifications that come up on the bottom right of the screen are off-screen and big. As if it’s trying to appear in both the second monitor and first. How Do I stop that, and how do I kind of rearrange it so it’s not off-screen.
The second issue is there is a graphical issue when she’s in the control panel and she presses the search bar. It becomes big.

Also finally whenever she’s typing nothing happens and then all of a sudden text appears quickly. Like the computer freezes for half a second and continues on. Like a frame lag almost, but it gets annoying.
she is using Windows 10 Pro 1909 OS build 18363.752.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.