How can i disable automatic driver updates during Win7 to Win10 upgrade

Recently I upgraded using media creator for two PCs in one office from windows 7 to windows 10 version 1903, and from both one of it failed to connect to any type of network after upgrade finished.

I can see in my PCs that the ethernet and wifi adapters but it doesn’t seem to connect at all. It connects to wifi but shows the symbol
“connected, no internet.”

no internet

I came back rolling to windows7 to work online which demands me. but other pc completed with no problems. But I think it is a common problem after I’ve done my homework but yet I can’t find a solution that can fulfill my needs.

Thus anyone knows, from you guys those who can solve this issue that how to disable windows updates during an OS upgrade or to block a single update because I need to upgrade the machine from remote sessions overnight. But I can automate the entire process with Powershell if I could.

If I disable Windows updates in Win7 OS using regedit, will the service remain disabled during the upgrade?

Thank you in advance for all your suggestions.