How to unable Un-dock On-screen keyboard from Registry or GPO

Hello, guys
One of my clients has a website that he is used throughout the company on production computers that operators have to log in to on a daily bases.

The issue is when he uses the on-screen keyboard in docked mode the website fails to log in as it thinks the keyboard is a popup window.

This is mainly an issue with the website and not windows. he already posted on the website forms but nothing has been resolved.
After testing he noticed that this error goes away after you undock the keyboard. To fix this on all computers we are trying to find a registry setting or a configuration file for the on-screen keyboard setting to un-dock the keyboard.

Is there any way to change the keyboard from docked mode to un-docked with the registry or a configuration file that way he doesn’t have to manually change the setting on all computers or rely on users to have to remember to change it?

Windows 10 1803
Asus A4110

Hello @JustinB

Follow the steps for disable the on screen keyboard.