I can’t Email on Google Earth From Default Computer Client!

Hello, Does anyone have an idea to solve this trouble?

One of my clients he said,

when he opens Google Earth and select a location that he wants to share/email, he clicks on the email button on the toolbar and it gives him 2 options to email the screen.

But he can’t select the default email on the computer (Outlook 2013).

Then, he said. Inside Google Earth, he went to Tools > Options > General Tab and he can’t select the default Email Client on the pc. (Is grayed out)

Troubleshooting steps:

“1” He setup Outlook 2013 as the default client on Windows “Default Apps” in “Windows Settings > Apps > default apps” and still not working.

“2” he also researched the problem and found that he has to go to control panel > internet options > Programs Tab > Internet programs (email) > Set Programs, which sends me to setup Outlook 2013 as the default app (previous troubleshooting steps).

Thanks in Advance for your sharing ideas.