Internet and network connection problem with Windows 10

Hi dear admin,

I have a user who is facing an issue on his laptop with an internet connection. He was unable to connect to his home network. He brought the laptop and when I checked it, the machine connects the network but says that “Not connected, secured” tried also with cable and does the same thing.

If I go the “Network and Sharing Options” it shows that “No currently active networks exist” even though it’s connected or plugged.

I tried to see if webpages are loading, and they do, but it won’t download Windows Updates, or in general, anything that it’s associated with Windows settings like if I go to the Windows Store, it won’t download anything or show that it’s not connected. Same thing if I go to Windows Update, it checks for updates and it says that it’s not connected to the internet.

I tried the usual commands from CMD like netsh, flushdns, etc. tried to remove and reinstall network drivers, updated drivers, system restore to the previous date but none of them helped.

You may check the link below.


you can find which windows update you need and download it manually and install.

it may fix your issue. you need to know which update you need to install

Hello @Ashlay

Step 1 Did you check connectivity using ping command with any other system or router so that you came to know that it is a problem of internet or lan card driver

Step .2 Did you download the latest Lan driver of Windows 10 compatible or update driver.

Step 3 Did you check Proper IP configuration and firewall settings.

Let me know if there is any problem and feel free to contact me.