Logon Script is only mapping 1 drive for this Windows 10 Desktop

Hello, Everyone

The script which I have logged it was working in all other devices except in one computer. It is only correctly mapping Drive Letter F and not mapping the rest.

  1. I’ve tried logging in as multiple users, including myself and it is still only mapping Driver letter F. 4 other drives should be mapped at least.

  2. I have tried looking through a bunch of settings and did not see anything.

I can map the drives manually and they appear to save after a restart.

This particular device will be used by multiple users so it will kind of be a pain if I constantly have to map the drives for them. I will like to get the logon scripts working on this device.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Just to clarify, it is just this one Windows 10 Desktop.
We use AD with a .bat file.

Great greetings.
Thank a lot in advance…