Manual network authentication not prompting for user credential


I’m using my computer past 2 years, and I’m facing a big issue with adding a computer to the domain.

This is a computer that was previously used in the building and moved over to a new port. For whatever reason, when I moved the computer for the user I had limited connectivity on the new port.
I thought it may have been a weird bug, I do run into that exact issue sometimes, and I was going to pop it off the domain and back on like I always do and that always fixes it. That’s when more issues started.

So I start up wired autoconfig so I can manually authenticate via 802.1x with my user credentials, get it on the domain again, then put it on computer auth once that is done.

Everything goes great except one thing. When I click on additional settings and authentication mode, user and computer authentication, and close the dialog box, I usually get a box that pops up asking me for my credentials.

This never happens. So I am kind of stuck and can’t get it back on the domain again. Choosing “user” authentication and saving my credentials does not work either.

Has anyone seen this issue before? I am going to see if I can maybe try this with a wireless adapter this afternoon but I have never seen this particular problem before.

Hello @AnthonyD

you manually disconnect the network, and join again then untick on automatic connect.