Mouse Cursor Point Issue on windows 10


This is a new issue that came to us at work, and we are a bit stumped on where to proceed with troubleshooting as we've never faced this type of issue before.

When we open different things, we need to wait about 20 seconds for the page to open. When we click into a folder on a website, it will stop spinning and look like it's thought but about 20 seconds later the page loads.

we experienced odd issues with our mouse cursor; it started with a black box and would only happen after we began typing into a text input field then it would clear after we clicked out of the field.  

so once we get it the only way to get it to go away is to restart PC.

It appears to be two mouse points on top of each other, if we move the mouse quickly it’s like one is chasing the other and once we stop moving they line up on top of each other.

Usually, the top one is like it’s a frozen picture of the mouse from when it started.

But at other times we having issues with clicking on things and they will just not respond at all. For example, trying to minimize a page with the_it’s as if the _ button isn’t available to us, or trying to click on “clear all notifications”. it just will not do anything. Again- this is not all of the time and not all applications.
Here’s what I’ve done so far to look into the issue:

Looked at Device Manager and there were no driver issues on the machine the user remotes into.

Checked for Windows 10 updates and applied the latest available updates.

Checked Event Viewer and saw a handful of events related to the Microsoft Remote Display Adapter experiencing a user-mode driver crash,
but they were sporadic and did not line up with the time frames when the user experienced the issue.

We’ve had a few other users report this issue in our company and the common denominator all of the times the issue was mentioned is Remote Desktop Connection is being used.

we attached some photos, Has anyone else faced this issue?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hello @Cathleen

Start system in safe mode and check out that in safe mode are you facing the same problem if not then upgrade you display card driver.
And check Virus also with good Antivirus.