Not able to Download Windows 10 Enterprise from Volume centre

For one of my clients I am finishing up the Windows 7 to Windows 10 version 1909 migration and I have a few straggles left that I’d like to run in-place upgrades on. The issue is they are running Win7 enterprise so I need to upgrade using Win10 Enterprise.

I go into my Volume Licensing Center and choose “Windows 10 Enterprise” but the ISO that I get is actually for Pro. When I try to run an in-place upgrade the option to keep my apps is greyed out because it says I’m upgrading to a different version.

I tried loading the installer from within Windows and booting it up from a USB and neither will let me continue on and save my programs, I only get the option to keep my files not my programs.

When I called VLC support on this they just said if you did a clean install once you put the key in it will activate as Windows 10 Enterprise but that doesn’t work for me, I need an Enterprise installer to do an in-place upgrade.

How do I get my hands on a true Win10 Enterprise ISO?