RAM upgrade on OLD HP server


I have a HP ProLiant ML110 G7 Server with 6GB of RAM. From the time of purchase we didn’t upgrade the RAM.

Now, I am planning to add another 8GB while reading the datasheet of the server it has mentioned PC3‑10600E Unbuffered DDR3 ECC up to 1333 MHz

So, the question is What happen if I insert the RAM with more MHz like 1666MHz or 2133MHz?

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Hi there!

Please go through questions on this link…

Note: You can upgrade your HP ProLiant ML110 G7 Server to up to a maximum memory capacity of 16GB Memory.

I hope you find this very helpful.

Hello @NaveenD

When we are going to purchase RAM we consider two things first one is size of RAM such as 8 GB /16GB and 2nd thing is RAM speed which is frequency such as you mentioned 1666MHz.
In RAM size can be changed but RAM speed should be compatible with old one RAM.
Otherwise it will create problem as both the RAM new one and old one’s speed not compatible with speed.
I have experienced with one of my client.
Tip: Server motherboard also should be compatible for New RAM.

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Hi @NaveenD,

You should not change the RAM frequency will replacing the RAM. Your board will accept the 1666MHz RAM but it will be utilized at 1333MHz only. As @VIkasmadan has mentioned you will start to have problem like BSOD etc., in some case it may even damage your board. So, the best practice will be to use the same frequency of RAMs to avoid any compatible issues.