Resolution issue with blurring on windows 10

Hello everyone,
I tried much communication for receiving my answer, but I can’t find my result, so one of my friends told me: u should try to receiving your answers. so guys
I upgraded my desktop from windows7 to windows10 past few days ago and I have noticed that the download of Windows 10 does not apply to my desktop because some programs, (my greatest examples being Steam and Skype) are blurry and ‘blown up’ in size just like it would at a low resolution.
This effect seems to leap into most to all of my games as well, messing with resolution despite what the in-game resolution might be or my display.
I don’t know how to solve this trouble, and I can’t find out
So I’m wondering this one that if anyone can address me or if anyone figure out me how to get past this issue.
Thank you in advance.