The specified driver is invalid…can’t print to USB Printer

Hello, Everyone.

I’m working in a university’s office as a system administrator.

We have a small USB receipt printer attached to several workstations throughout our office.
Everything is working fine and we are not facing any problems.

But suddenly,

The other day, one stopped working through the software we use and after doing some troubleshooting, I ended up removing the printer and re-adding it, which I’ve had to do in the past.

After installing the printer again, it still doesn’t work and I’m unable to even print a test page as it’s giving me an error that the specified driver is invalid. I’m using the same driver as all of our other workstations and have made sure it’s the most current.

I’ve removed the printer from the Control Panel, registry and rebooted multiple times but I can never get it to print.

Is there something I’m missing to trouble this issue?
Please…Guide us…