Toshiba 3555c Printer Driver locks up after windows 10 1903 Update

Hello Everyone.

My friend is working as a Deputy Manager at Technical Institute Department.

He prints a lot of PDF files before Windows 10 Update, and after v1903 update in Windows 10, the printer drivers that were working fine before, now lock up.

The kicker is, he can print a couple of pages fine, but say, something like 14 pages black and white, will stall in the queue and error out.

He had a couple of machines (BYOD) encounter this issue, and some others work fine. He has checked with his reseller and they didn’t know, and when he contact Toshiba support, they tell him to contact my reseller.

If anyone has seen this issue before and has something to try that he has not done already, please let me know. Thanks in advance and see notes below for what he has tried already.

Some notes:
· Rolling back to 1809 fixes the problem (assuming caught in the 10-day rollback window).
· Pulling the latest uni driver from the Toshiba site (7.204.4408.17) does not help.
· Nuking the printer on the computer and setting it up from scratch, even with a different name, does not help.
· We use the PCL driver, but the XPS or PS driver did not help.
· Restarting the machine, or print queue does not help.
· Spool directory in Sys32 is clear.
· Paused/disabled AV/malware suite just to rule them out.
· Deleted/renamed the “Toshiba” folder in a user directory.
· Tried with Adobe Reader, Chrome (with its print options and using system prefs), and Edge, all behave the same.
· The files are local, though temp one from webmail does the same.
· Nuked all existing print drivers from the machine and loaded them up from the latest only, same issue.
· The printer is connected from the IP port, and the printer is statically assigned.
· Printers are mainly 3555c, and it does not matter to which printer we print to (as it dies in the queue anyways).
· Trying to print as the image in Adobe Reader does not help.
· System resources are fine (not maxed CPU, RAM under 50% usage, and plenty of disk space).
· Models of machines where different (one using an old AMD CPU, on using a newer Core i5) to rule out a CPU based issue (among other things).
· Toshiba driver version on the business site is dated Nov 11, 2018, but can’t find anything newer that would coincide with a fix for v1903 launched in Apr 2019.