Way to sign in without RDP session

Hey forum, I forgot my Windows server password, and once I try to change it, it asks me for the old one. After using Ctrl-Alt-Del I click on change the password. Is there a way to sign in without RDP session or as another user? Any help is welcomed!

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What version of server you are using?
Is this a physical Server or virtual like hyper-v?
Is this server in workgroup or domain?

If you have another admin user try to login with that and change the password for the effected user account.

Hello @Aidan
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Did you know is there any other user account, who is member of administrators group, In windows server there is administrator account also you can try it else if you are the only one who is using administrator account, then you can break the windows server password .
how to break windows server 2008 password

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