Web/file browser programs freezing

My computer has “disturbing” me, and I was in fully confusing what’s wrong is going with it??

Within a few minutes, all browsers and file-structures will freeze up for seconds to a minute or two. If I try to interact with it froze by itself, as overall windows display white…on it… And

This issue also affected the
Google Chrome
Windows Explorer
XYplorer (alternative file manager)
Q-Dir (alternative file manager)
WizFile (NTFS file search)

As soon as I notice one of the above to be affected, experience has taught me to assume that they all are.

Interestingly, MS Edge and Internet Explorer also lock-up simultaneously with these other programs, but have a slightly different…

Even while anything from the first list is frozen, programs from the second list–which have nothing directly to do with the file structure or being online–continue to work normally.

When I interact with a frozen window, it seems to at least somewhat queue mouseclicks/keystrokes and process them once the program recovers. Furthermore, they may steal focus back from whatever program I was working on in the meantime.

I’ve tried multiple restarts over the several weeks this has been an issue. It can get pretty frustrating, and productivity sure takes a hit too.
Anyone have any bright ideas, please?

Very thank full to all of you