Why are windows 10 computers not getting their updates?

We have a WSUS computer, it’s kept current with WAM and so forth.

Problem is, Windows 10 computers are not receiving any updates.

I have WAM decline the updates for anything below 1903 (in its configuration policy) among all the computers are windows 10 1903 or higher,

I have the target group right, the computers show up in the correct group in WSUS.

I have windows 10 checked off in the products/classifications section.
I think group policy is correct to the best of my knowledge, it works for all the windows 2016/2019 servers but not for the win 10 computers, they don’t ever get or download any updates.

so on my notebook, I’ve done wuauclt/detectnow/reportnow/resetauthorzation plusgpupdate/ force to no avail.

but after checking it updates will not appears to it if I move my notebook or another windows 10 device into computers they will get the ms updates fine online, but this is not an optimal solution.

I am waiting for a different solution from it which can be easier than it.

so what should I look for it and fix it??