WiFi button not available after automatic windows 10 upgrade

My PC automatically upgraded from Windows 10 version 1803 to 1909 last week.

Have tried everything, got internet connection working using an Ethernet cable.

Used the “Intel Driver and Support Assistant” to update all drivers.

  • It reports success

Reinstalled the Intel WiFi drivers and rebooted.

  • It reports success

There is no Wifi option anywhere that I can see in Windows 10.

  • Nothing in the list of Network adapters

  • No WiFi symbol in the taskbar

  • The Windows network assistant is bloody useless

  • Network and Internet settings have no WiFi option

  • Performed a network reset

  • Windows Network Diagnostics is no help (basically unreadable)

It is like windows have decided over the past few days to completely ignore any WiFi built into the machine.

no wifi option.

Hello @Ashlay

  1. Airplane mode is on, disable airplane mode and check it out.
  2. If problem not solved then check wireless lan card WiFi card driver download WiFi driver from laptop’s manufacturer website and install driver

I hope it would work for you and please let me know if problem not solved

Please check the link below