Win 10 share read issue

Hello guys,

Recently we have a script that generates a pdf file and saves it to that share. Occasionally the client doesn’t see the file. We’ve confirmed with a lot of debugging code exactly what happens.
For resolving it we have done a lot of things in that the following which is coming down

Firstly we have done.

  1. The server writes the file to share. (Server confirms the file is there)

  2. The server then tells the client to start the VBScript

  3. Client VBScript checks that the file is on the share.

  4. Client VBScript then opens the file

Occasionally once or twice the client doesn’t see the file on the share, though it has been confirmed it is thereby the server. The problem seems to happen more often on faster systems.

Any ideas to solve this issue and what is happening…and how to fix it?

Thanks a lot

Hello @Graham

Is your problem is for specific user or all the users facing the problem.
check the connectivity of server.