Windows 10 1809 Lenovo Thinkpad T430-T480 Issue

I’m the head of our company’s system management. and I manage I used our agent software to block this feature.

however, some of the users had already downloaded and installed it prior to this. Upon rebooting I now have multiple machines that are stuck in a loop loading or that blue screen with a security exception error code.

I called Microsoft and they said to perform clean installations on them with 1803, I understand this is an option. I have tried running restore health commands through DISM and a few different tricks other people have mentioned.

I was not able to boot in safe mode to roll back the feature upgrade it throws an error.

This is unbelievable I would have to reformat this many machines due to some issue someone at Microsoft or Lenovo should be able to shed some light on.

Does anyone have any suggestions or has been able to successfully fix this?

Hello @Aaron

Hello @Aaron

What error message appears when you try to start system in safe mode.
Would you please share the screen shot of message.


Can you upload blue screen screenshot to see which error is there?