Windows 10 doesn't load and screen blinking after signing in

Hello everyone,
I buy a couple of laptops, for my personal use and one for my sister, so our laptops model is *HP ProBook 4530s", Based on windows 10.
My sister’s laptop is working fine with no issues on it but my laptop facing some issue.
My laptop’s screen starts blinking after I sign in in my windows 10, and nothing loads.
I tried to Boot in Safe mode after booting in safe mode is also like that.
My laptop’s screen panel is fine, it loads all colors and stuff, but my windows doesn’t load after I sign in!
Troubleshooting startup repair also says it can’t repair it.
I don’t know what’s the problem and how to trouble it.
I tried everything that I can do. and I shared about this type of issue with my colleagues. but he also can’t find anything
Anyone can help me with that?!

Windows 10 didn’t update it after December 2019.