Windows 10 Firewall renders computers unusably slow

Hii, Everyone.

I have four or five computers, different brands, all of which are running Windows 10 Pro, either 1803 or 1809. Windows Firewall is rendering these computers completely unusable when on WiFi. Some are desktops, some are laptops.
When connected to -any- WiFi connection, either at work or at home, internet download speed as measured by speed test - either the app or the website - is in the 0.0 (zero) to 0.02 Mbps range. Webpages can take 15 minutes to load if they ever load at all.
If I disable Windows firewall for the network type (domain at work, private at home) internet speeds return to normal. Turning firewall back on will return the speed back to next to nothing.
All graphics drivers have been updated. The network drivers have all been updated. Every current patch published has been installed. SFC and DISM scans have been performed. DNS settings have been verified. A network performance monitor has been checked. The WiFi connections are working properly as other devices on the same networks do not experience the issue. The adapters have been completely uninstalled including the drivers deleted and reloaded. netsh reset has been attempted.
Is there is any way which can take me to the right solution
Thanks in advance.