Windows 10 instability and data corruption issues

Hello guys,
Since Windows 10 (and I do like it) I have had multiple BSOD resulting in no longer being able to start windows, with start-up repair saying: unable to fix errors, lots of file corruptions (system and “unable to open …user/desktop/ as the location is corrupt or unreadable), and on at least three occasions (in 3 months) the start menu has stopped working (won’t pop up) and some taskbar icons have disappeared (usually at the same time as start menu error), mail and edge won’t open, the backup option becomes unavailable, and windows update won’t install updates. Not all of the above at the same time but each issue has happened multiple times quite a short period.

When I have gone through all the usual steps to repair these errors, like chkdsk, SFC, create new user, reinstall windows apps and manually installing updates, stop/starting backup, and shadow copy services, the issue has not been resolved and I have had to either reset my PC, reinstall windows or recover from a system image, many times.

Note with my most recent failures (the following occurred all within one day), including the start menu not popping up, mail and edge not opening, windows apps icons missing from the taskbar, backup no working, and corrupt/unreadable /user/desktop location (which made me write this post/request for help), SFC verification was successful with no errors being found (confusing).

My gut feeling is its a memory issue, but I have tested my RAM with memtest (always passed every test) and checked out my SSD with
vender software (OCZ Guru) which reported 99% heath and tonnes of life left.

Is it likely to be any of the following?

  1. not enabling overprovisioning within windows partition of SSD (but plenty of spare space);
  2. the SSD is faulty; and/or,
  3. malicious software (I have done securely erases of SSD but no HDDs).

Or any other ideas?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot.