WIndows 10 Screen Discolouration

I have been experiencing issues with the colour of my screen when using Windows 10. As soon as I boot up my laptop, the screen goes a shade of red which I do not know how to fix.I have done the usual, restarted my laptop, looked for errors or cracks in the screen and purchased a new screen to see if that would help. Now I realise that it is an issue with the laptop itself. I do not know what to do.

Does anybody know about a fix?
Thank you.

Go to settings and then system and in display section turn of night light, then go to night light settings and turn of schedule night light and choose color white


Most likely, that update has corrupted your video card device driver . …

Open Device Manager (accessible by right clicking your Start Button)
Expand the Display Adapters Section
Right click your video card and choose Properties
On the Driver Tab, choose ‘Roll back Driver’

Restart your PC once done . . .

If that option is grayed out or does not resolve the issue, go to the support page for your device on the manufacturers website, then download and install the video driver they recommend, it may well be an older version to the one you are currently running