Windows 10 task manager icon showing high cpu utilization but cortemp use low

Hello everyone!
I’m using windows 10 machines for more than 5 months.

Suddenly I’m having a weird issue on one of my windows 10 machines.

if you bring up the task manager and look at the CPU use on the icon in the tray, it is about half full. but if you open up core temp and look at the usage there, its never above 2% also, if you try to sort task manager details by CPU use, it doesn’t do anything, at least not until you kill one of the processes listed, then suddenly you can sort and see the actual use.

Edit: actually when you kill the random task and are then able to sort by CPU usage, the icon by the tray for task manager becomes normal and not half full.

so this is the latest windows build
Has any more who ran into this before?

thanks in advance.