Windows 10 Upgrades Management

Hi All,

Some time ago, I posted the following:

It was regarding how others managed the feature upgrades from one Windows 10 version to the next e.g. (at the time) 1507-1511 or 1511-1607 etc.

Fast forward to the present day, the same issues persist with random apps such as Microsoft WiFi, Camera, Maps, Your Phone, etc. reinstalling themselves when you go from a customized image to the latest feature update.

Some have suggested that every ‘x’ amount of years, to just create a new custom image of the latest Windows 10 feature update - but for those with large environments, how is this manageable?

i.e. If there’s 500 PC’s each with different Software etc. are you really expected to each year or every other year, to develop a custom image (sometimes pre-loaded with different drivers if not all the Desktops/Laptops are the same make/model), reinstall Windows 10 from scratch (i.e. the latest customized feature update build), but the Software back on, join it to the Domain, etc. ?

Please give me any ideas…
Thanks a lot.