Windows 7 and Windows 10 False " No Internet" Warning. Outlook 2016 not connecting


We have so many clients are working for us, but one of our clients.

He realizes this he has been asked before in one capacity or another but his team and he have scoured the Internet search results and have tried pretty much everything under the sun (which he will try to detail below) and some things he didn’t find on the Internet.

He also would normally not care about this false positive.

however, as this one client cannot access their hosted Exchange with Outlook from Office 365 on machines with this, it is a problem.

The odd thing is I’ve read that this Outlook connectivity issue occurs with these false positives, but we have other clients with the false positive that can connect with the same version of Outlook without issue. Currently, users at the client with this issue can workaround by using OWA.

Anyways the following is a list of the things we have tried (and combinations thereof), though it may not be exhaustive, since I may not recall everything. NIC is Realtek 8111 GbE on board, other machines with the same NIC working fine.

  • Restarted NLA
  • Tried disabling the test for connectivity via reg key and local GPO (re-enabled it too)
  • Reset int, Winsock, IP, and TCP stacks
  • Updated drivers (for everything, not just NIC)
  • Deleted the NIC in Device Manager and let it re-add
  • Manually verified access to and verified DNS resolution for also verified can connect to
  • Created our internal nisi server, and modified reg keys to use internal server
  • Upgraded from 7 to 10 (all machines w issue originally 7, upgraded one to 10 to see if the issue resolved, so existing 10 machines have the issue)
  • Tried Office Repair (just to get outlook to work)
  • Tried checking for updates (just to get outlook to work)
  • Tried Office Diagnostics tool (told Office out of date, but checking for updates and repair did not say it was up to date) (just to get outlook to work)
  • Disabled checksum offload in the Driver settings, Wait for the link
  • Tried static IP and DNS and combinations thereof
  • Tried external DNS servers
  • Tried packet capture (which showed the machine did not even appear to be running the Internet connectivity check, very odd, no DNS lookups for the sites or Http requests for the text file)
  • Disabled NLA services all together
  • Checked firewall and content filtering
  • DIsabled AV (Webroot)
  • Tried in safe mode with nothing but windows stuff running
  • I tried to create a new Outlook profile, but it would not connect to the server using MAPI, trying with other protocols we could connect, but we don’t want to do that.
  • Plan to reboot switches off-hours tonight, if it works will relay that info asap, but I doubt it will work.
  • Disabled IPv6
  • Flushed DNS
  • No VPN connections on PCs with issue
  • No Proxy being used, and disabled auto checking for Proxy in Internet Settings
  • Unplugged network cord and plugged back in
  • IP config /release && IP config /renew
  • Deleted NLA cached networks form registry
  • Disabled Power management of NIC
  • Ran Windows Network Diagnostic, in Windows 7 said it could get to some websites so it appeared there was the Internet, even though the NLA said there was none. In Windows 10 the diagnoser has tried resetting the adapter twice without success.
  • Sacrificed an i9 CPU to the IT gods

He may have tried a few other things as well but nothing has worked.

He is not keen on doing a fresh install if he can avoid it, although I’ve heard that is the golden bullet for everyone that has tried it.

I am hoping you guys can help.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @AnthonyD

You can do one thing you can reconfigure the router and check all the connections.