Windows update no longer works after updating a new windows 10

Hello, this is not a new issue for you because you already have seen this type of issue before that’s why I’m asking you.

One of my clients, She has a WSUS server and now she upgrading from Windows 10 1803 to 1903 version.

She can update manually with an ISO image or use WSUS but the issue remain: after the upgrade, the PCs no longer send a status report to WSUS, then they do not download any updates.

After the upgrade process some KB has to be installed (typically Flash or some NET Frameworks updates) but the Windows Update seems to have come into hibernation.

She thought: maybe a user must log in, but nothing.

The Windows Update page under Settings does not show any problem.

She can leave the PC turned on for a week, but for the WSUS server, the PC is turned off!

Under the PC Event Viewer, She can see Windows 10 Updates events and it seems to works (event 41: an update has been downloaded or event 26: Windows updates found 7 updates) but the update history is empty.

In short, the only way to solve the problem is to manually launch the update check using the appropriate button in Settings-Windows Updates.


he pc will download the necessary updates and resume synchronization with the WSUS correctly.

is this a normal behavior?

If you deploy the upgrading in the large environment you must log in in each pc to start manually the Windows Update or do you train your employees to do it?

Maybe She missed to set up some GPOs?

do any of you have the same problem?


Hello @Oliver1

This link will help you o sove the problem.