Windows10 Skip Security question at Windows 10 Setup


I am creating an answer file to automate the windows 10 (1903) enterprise installation from WDS through WSIM but I’m stuck and unable to find the option where I can skip or type the 3 security questions while finishing setting up the local account.

My question is there an option for that in the first place or can it be skipped? I tried researching for a while but couldn’t find an exact answer, most of the answers were disabling the security recovery questions using GPO which I’m not looking for.

what I’m trying to say that the UnattendedJoin is missing from the WSIM it’s not founded in any way as I mentioned I am using ADK 1809 because 1903 did not open I think it’s related to my OS version which is 1809? and to clarify permission on domain admin are to full control

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Thank you in advance.

Hello @Charlie

I hope this link would help you to solve the problem.