"X" Button & Closing Maximised Windows Problems

Hello, Good morning to all
One of my colleagues. He recently shared with me his problem.

He open outlook (2016) and he installed it recently, maximize it, do some emails, etc.

After that, he opens another application like chrome, etc. also maximized read some posts on SW and then click in the top right corner.

The result appears: Chrome closes, Outlook appears.

So far so good, but now let’s say he open ADUC. Its also maximized and he disables some accounts, then he clicks in the top right corner of the screen and mysteriously OUTLOOK CLOSES.

It has happened so many times in the last few days and he thought he was losing the plot but he just now noticed that with ADUC open moving to the top right corner of the screen (even with it maximized) it is possible to keep going up and right past the outer edge of ADUCs “X”, off the screen and somehow invisibly onto the “X” of the window behind it.

Chrome doesn’t do this - the most top position the mouse can occupy is still on Chrome’s “X”.

What is going on here? he never has seen anything like it.

He has a multi-monitor setup but can confirm that the second display is correctly located (both physically and virtually) on the left side of his main display.

Update: With ADUC he can also maximize it (with nothing behind it), move the pointer to the top of the screen and then right-click.

He mostly gets the context menu for ADUC’s title bar but he does also sometimes get the context menu for the desktop, albeit intermittently.

thus anyone’s ideas about this type of issue?

Hello @Charlie

Display Properties by right-clicking desktop > Properties or through Control Panel > Settings tab > Advanced > Tab with your chipset name > Desktop Management > Applications > Add… (I opened the app with issues and used the “Finder” crosshair) > OK > Select Application > Disable > Clear parent checkbox > OK > Close and relaunch Word/Excel/Access > All systems go…