2 extra partitions

I decreased my c:/ to create a new partition through clean install. But now I’ve 2 extra partitions I didn’t want, and I can’t delete them. Also, when I run the diskpart or chkdsk I receive an error “file system type is NFTS, and no way of running the volume as it is being used by another process”.

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When you install Operating System,Windows creates System partition automatically and that system reserved partition you can not delete that partition.
if you want to check press Windows key+r to go to run menu
and type diskmgmt.msc
This command run by admin account.


Can you upload screenshot to show the problem? which partition made and which one you want to delete

You may not be able to delete a file if the file is being used. To resolve this issue, determine the process that has the open handle, and then close that process…

If you want to do some alteration or change into any type of partition without messing any data or your widows i would suggest you a safer software which will perform any kind of operation regarding to partition management you may install Easeus Partition Manager software