2012 R2, IPP, and Windows 10 weirdness

Hello, Everyone
I hope you all are fine.
I’ve read lots of related to IPP on Windows, but nothing mentions this:
when trying to ‘connect’ a web printer from an IPP page, my windows 10 systems try to connect to a UNC version of the web path:
but FQDN is not the same as the local hostname.domain.name within AD.
the result is always access denied. I cannot browse \F.Q.D.N to see any shared printers. If I could, then the connect button on the printer’s IPP page would be fine.
Windows 7 maps web printers using the HTTP URL, as expected.
I can manually map a web printer using the add printer wizard in Windows 10.
Any suggestions?
Has anyone knows about this issue how can I solve it. because everyone doesn’t have the same brain to solve the problem
So please suggest me
Thanking you in advance.