2FA slows down SMS reception

Hi all. Lately, every time I am using my phone (Nokia on Android), the 2FA, SMS codes come in quite late. It is random, and I get to wait between 10 minutes to even 2 hours sometime. I checked my network and it is fine, plus I live in a large city (not a countryside). What might be the issue?

First of all, 2FA doesn’t do anything with transferring process from server into receptor, the main cause usually are the API Sender bandwidth.

the only way to confirm this by using different number and see the differences.

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go into your battery settings and go into optimized apps. Make sure the apps you are using aren’t optimized.

setting, device maintenance, battery, battery usage, optimize battery usage(top right three dots), then hit show all apps in the drop-down menu on the screen

Please read about this in link below › sms…
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