3D Globe view not available in any browser

In google maps under earth view, there is an option at the bottom right to tilt the view and see buildings in 3d for example. This feature works only when I’m in incognito mode for some reason. When I go to earth view without incognito, it says at the bottom “3D earth view not available”. What could be causing this?

Since a couple of months back I have not been able to use the 3D view of Google Maps in Chrome, simply because the option is missing from the left-hand side menu. All I get is the flat 2D map. However, it works perfectly fine in Opera, Firefox and even in Edge. I have got hardware acceleration on, the latest version of Chrome and I have checked pretty much everything I could find about this online.

Have anyone else encountered this issue, or does anyone know how to fix it? I really prefer to use it on chrome or edge.


Sometimes Google Maps reverts to the non-3D version.


Can try using the link that page, to reopen Maps in 3D mode, can ‘reset’ the failed flag.