"550 File not Found" error on FTP in IIS

So, I’m using FTP server (integrated in IIS) on windows server 2019. The problem is FTP in IIS gives “550 File not Found”, without concluding what is the reason behind it. How can I find out what is happening? Thank you for your input in advance!

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Hi @Hector,

Firstly, let’s get a quick idea on the FTP 550 error.

The 5xx error falls under the permanent negative completion reply status of the FTP server. And, it means that the FTP server did not accept the command and the requested action did not take place. Further more, x5x error denotes File system errors in FTP server.
Overall, the 550 error means the file was not found or there are access restrictions for the file.

Now, let’s see the top causes for the error.

  • Incorrect path
  • Permission problem
  • Wrong mount point

Please refer this article for a clear explanation on the above-mentioned causes and with a fix. FTP 550 No such file or directory- Here’s the quick fix

550 error means that the file or folder do not exist.

Following are the things one should verify to fix above error.

  1. Make sure that Document Controller have access to file

  2. Verify FTP authentication issue, FTP configuration and availability of computer in Work Group

  3. Make sure that file is available to particular FTP site location and user can access it.

Hey there!
Check the information in this link
It shows many situations why this happens