Access denied error while changing the computer name

I am the only active domain for a small office. I am having an extremely strange issue that didn’t exist prior to my experience.

I can’t able to change the computer name. I constantly get “Access Denied” errors when trying to change the computer name.

Important details:

1 domain controller with Server 2016. All of my clients are Windows 10 Pro x64.

What I have done so far to solve the issue but still unsuccessful:

  • Use the domain Administrator account (not a domain admin), access denied
  • Use my other domain admin account and get the same issue. access denied
  • I unjoin, reboot, and rejoin. THEN try to change computer name, access denied (but I can unjoin/join just fine!)
  • Use PowerShell with -domain credential and -force, access denied
  • Changing the computer name on MY laptop (part of the domain since November 2018) works just fine!
  • Attempted to change computer names from different OUs did not change anything.
  • I’ve checked my Group Policy and do not see anything that would cause such an issue.
  • I’ve checked local and domain security logs and see nothing.

But why is my domain’s Administrator account denied?! I’m the only admin here

Hello @Stefan

I am also hearing the first time the problem you have mentioned, did you try it with local administrator.
login with local admin then try to change name, as i have read your post, you did not mentioned the local administrator.
To login on system with local admin

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