Access Network Share Using Old Name

Hello everyone,

The situation which leads me to question you is the following:

I have been tasked to change the server names due to the convention for the company which is working.

However, I have a specific group of people who access from another computer from the same group, so they have a shared folder and they access those files when needed.

The computers are all Windows 10 (1809). Our servers are a mix between 2012 and 2016.

I’ve tried adding the old names on our Domain’s DNS (as an A record and then CNAME) and tested changing only 1 PC however we couldn’t access using the old name

however, I think it would be more efficient to be able to still access using the old name.
Thus anybody has any type of experience in this then guide me to the right path it would be the best help from you guys

Thanks a lot…

Hello @Oliver1

Try this link to solve your problem