Accessing PCs running Windows 10 1803

Hello All:

So I’m trying to figure out a way to gain access to my Windows 10 PCs that I think are all running 1803 causing my issues. I set both the Function Disc Res Pub and the Function Disc Res Pub services to an auto delayed start, and I can see them along with the rest of my Pre 1803 Windows 10 PCs. I have the C drive shared on all machines so I can remotely install/update certain files on each PC. No matter what I try I cannot get access to the 1803 machines. Clicking on the PCs via network neighborhood just hourglasses for a few seconds and gives me an error with code 0x80070035. All machines are on a windows domain.

  1. I checked the domain profile and sharing is enabled.
  2. I’ve tried everything I can find online without success.
  3. I’ve read some posts about editing hosts file but I run DHCP on all machines and IPs change often. It seems like a security thing but I have no idea at this point.

Can someone know how to resolve it?

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Thanks a lot.


  1. Hit Start button, then type in the search box secpol.msc and hit Enter .

  2. Then follow the path: Local Policies > Security Options > Network security: LAN Manager authentication level . Double click the option Network security: LAN Manager authentication level
    3)Then choose from the drop-down menu Send LM & NTLM-use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated . Then choose Apply and OK to save the change.