Accidently I format my PC with ubuntu? All my files are gone


I am new to Ubuntu so, I thought to give a try. Using rufus I created a bootable drive for ubuntu. My plan to boot the ubuntu from USB stick but mistakenly I installed in the OS in the C drive which format my existing windows 10 OS.

I bought this laptop 5 years ago with OEM license. Now my OS + all of my files has gone. Now what should I do to recover files and OS?

Hi @AbdulR,

Sorry for your loss. Do you have any backup for your data? and What do you mean by all of my files have gone? didn’t you had files in the separated partitions like D or E drives?

For OEM license have you used Microsoft account login to your laptop? If yes then your device and license key must have fetched to your account. Login to your Microsoft account in any browser and check you can see the device configuration there. If you see the device details then you are safe in this case you do not need to worry about the license. You can just fresh install the Windows 10 OS and login with the Microsoft account you have Windows will automatically activate the license in a minute.

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Unless if you had a back-up on external drive, or partly on Misc. Cloud.
Otherwise you must move-on and let it vanish into thin air.

If you’re lucky enough to have another partition, then I suppose the files goes on another partition remain intact.

Hello @AbdulR

Don’t lose hope, there must be software available for data recovery,
partition recovery, I am sharing the link with help of this you can recover your data or lost partition.

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For recovery you can EaseUS software

when i used this soft it recovered many files and it may help you about recover.

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Unfortunately No. I never had the backup for this laptop also this laptop has only single partition (C Drive) only.

I just logged in to my Microsoft account luckily the device appeared in the portal hope I able to recover the key as you have said after the clean installation.

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Unfortunately, I didn’t had any backup in local or external drive I think as you have said all my data has vanished into the air.

Thanks for the link. I will try right after installing the windows.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will try right after installing the windows.

Hey there!
Unless you have a backup you do not have to worry
But if you do not is imposible to bring them back