After Changing HDD, Many problems appeared on Windows 10

Hello, Everyone
My Sister, she bought a Laptop before a few months ago, and now she wanted to replace HDD with a Sandisk SSD. So I just disconnected the old HDD and replaced it with the new SSD, after changed I downloaded a fresh copy of Windows 10.
I got at least 2 errors;
OOBE Welcome and OOBE Keyboard. I skipped both errors and eventually, the Windows 10 loaded. I downloaded all the updates and immediately noticed that Edge was taking 10 to 15 seconds to open.
I went to the Microsoft website and downloaded another copy of the windows (in case the first download was corrupt or some files missing) and the same errors appeared. I again skipped and Windows loaded successfully. The same problem exists,

This time I download Chrome and Firefox. They took 10 to 15 secs to open. I went into the troubleshooting menu and took the repair route and this seemed to clear the problem. I subsequently downloaded all my sister’s files and the only programs I downloaded were MS Office and Norton 360.
The problem comes back intermittently. Can anyone offer advice on how to clear this issue.?
Thanks for helping us.