After Win7Pro to W10Pro inplace upgrade , RDP to MS Office White screen

I Started a project doing in-place upgrades on about 100 computers from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro.

There are 3 basic models of computers. Dell Optiplex 3020, HP Elite 8300, and a few Lenovo i5 units.

All PC’s had perpetual MSOffice 2013 or 2016 Home and Business installed.

After Completing the upgrade attempts to Remote Desktop to the PC But it still works as they used to., all programs launch, and work, except MS OFFICE.

I get a white screen with an outline of the border where the Word or Outlook screen would normally display. This has happened on windows 10 computer out of windows10 upgrades.
If the person is sitting in front of the computer the Office works normally. It is only through RDP is this behavior displayed.

I Tried upgrading video drivers, chipset drivers, etc but the only thing that fixes this, that I have found, is to uninstall Office, run the MSOffice cleanup tool, reinstall, reactivate.

Any other solutions out there? to recover this issue…

Thankful to all of you guys…