Ahsay OBM issue backing up sys state W2008

“SERVER01\Microsoft_Win2008_Sysstate_Backup” size incorrect (Expected=1,442,530,352 Retrieved=11,102,613,510)
Unable to backup file. Filename=“D:\WindowsImageBackup” Upload Path=“SERVER01\Microsoft_Win2008_Sysstate_Backup” File Type=“F”

Temp drive looks OK and no errors in the event logs.

It seems this message occurring while you taking the backup,

It may be problem of tape or data file unable to read

Step 1- you can check the with new tape cartridge by replacing old cartridge.
Step-2 If it occurring again then, check the data.

Step-3 check with it an other data and with new tape cartridge if still giving error, It means there is a problem in Tape drive

Ahsay is an online backup system which doesn’t use tapes.
@VIkasmadan : You shouldn’t answer topics unless you fully understand the issue.

The error means the incremental blogs are out of sync and most probably has happened because a previous backup has failed, VSS has changed during the snapshot and transfer stage, or the internet connection is unreliable.
As a side note, we have seen more of these issues with Exchange or SQL where transaction logs are in use.

How to fix

Check your VSS is healthy by running this command in an elevated CMD window vss list writers
Check all disks have plenty of free space for temp locations.
Check Windows event logs (app and system) for hardware or any other errors.
Run another full backup. This can be done using the ‘advanced’ option when manually submitting a backup.