Ahsay or MSP360 Cloudberry

We are a US based MSP and have been using Ahsay since version 6.
We have recently upgraded from OBS (version 6) to CBS (version

Looking at using MSP360 but we have to use everything on their platform. That means we are just a reseller and what happens if they cut our commissions, increase pricing, bin us or go bust!!

With Ahsay we have our own servers and are in total control (no power grab from Ahsay). Customers can back up to any destination they want and be independent from us.

Anyone got any ideas \ comments?

I have used both and there isn’t much to differentiate between them.

We use Ahsay because we can put it together as we like and own everything.

MSP360 don’t have an MSP offering and you are in-effect a glorified reseller of theirs. Which means you are at the mercy of their tech and pricing strategies.

They shut up shop and you lose everything overnight.