All of my files gone. All I have is empty folder. Not sure how?

I just fired up my laptop and everything was fine. I turned around and came back a few minutes later and my desktop was cleared, except for “This PC”. Started exploring on the C: drive and all my folders are cleaned out! Downloads, documents, OneDrive, Appdata/Local folders are empty or missing. Many folders still exist but are empty.

Tried rebooting and it goes directly to Automatic Repair and, of course, fails. Command-line troubleshooting and I can see folders and such, but nothing in them. My Outlook profile folder in APPDATA/LOCAL…gone. Just like nothing but a shell of what I had just minutes earlier.

I cannot get the drive to boot, but CHKDSK is fine. No errors. BOOTREC /SCANOS finds no Windows installations. Never seen anything like that happen for no good reason. I do have 2 NVMe SSD’s in a RAID 0 (Intel RAID), but the RAID status is good (according to the boot config utility).

I guess I just reformat and reinstall Windows again. Anyone has seen anything similar to my problem?


you may be logged in with temporary profile.

when you restart your PC, if it is temp profile the notification will appear in bottom-right corner, and please check it